Training for Small Group Leaders

We know God’s word is alive and powerful but sometimes in our small group bible studies it feels as though we are putting it on the leash. We want to study the bible but at times it seems difficult to understand or just very academic and far from impacting our lives. We stick with it because we know bible study is important but…

'Unleashed' is for everyone involved in teaching the bible in small groups in churches e.g. home group leaders, cell groups, youth groups, women’s groups etc. It is a package of training developed by Martin & Karen Soole that can be delivered in your church setting - on a Saturday morning, for a whole day, or in the evening over several weeks. You provide the space and refreshments and we will provide the teaching. The aim is to give people greater confidence to open God’s word in small groups and let it speak. It is designed to help bible study leaders to be less dependent on published study material and to be better equipped to prepare studies and lead studies for themselves, in a variety of settings.

There are two basic courses:

1. 'Unleashed': 

A mornings training where we look at the basic principles and methods of how to put together and lead a small group bible study.

              Session 1 10.00 -11.15   The core: what are we doing when we study the bible in small groups?

              Session 2 11.45- 1.00     The model: is there a right way?

2. 'Unleashed' Max: 

Feedback from the above course asked for the opportunity to look at things further, and in particular to expereince studies that put the principles of 'Unleashed' into practice. As a result we have expanded the original course to include 'sample' studies. Over about 9 hours we combine a more lesiured look at the material covered in ''Unleashed' with several group studies that 'earths' the material, giving participants an opportunity to reflect on how the principles might be put into practice in their own contexts. 

Both courses are flexible and can be offered in a way that best fits your situation. For further information or to booking a course please contact us via the contact form.

Unleash The Word from 10Publishing brings together some of the material in the above courses.

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