A selection of recorded talks.

Reading God's word with children (Midland's Women's Convention 2012)

Luke 2:8-20   The Best Ever Christmas Advert (Evangelistic Talk, St John's Hartford, 18th December 2012)

Romans 11:33-36.   talk 1 / talk 2  (Wheelock Heath Baptist Church Womens Weekend   June 2013)

Focus on the word  Hebrews 4:12-18  (Equipped! 2013 : A conference co-sponsored by the North West Partnership and Northern Christian Conventions for women involved in word ministry in a complementarian context)

When Christians Disagree  Romans 14 (Northern Women's Convention 2013)

Reading OT Narrative  1 Samuel  (Equipped! Annual Conference 2014)

Why bother with the Old Testament? (Seminar at Northern Women's Convention 2014)

Considering Feminism with Q&As  (Chirst Church Liverpool March 2015). A pdf file of the accompanying slides is available here.

Impossible Love (3 talks on Hosea  for North Wales Christian Women's Conference 2016)

Is God really good for women? (St Helen’s Church, Bishopsgate April 2016)

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