Brought up in a Christian home and going away to college I quickly ended up in a ‘Christian cult’ drawn in by their enthusiasm and by my belief that if anyone said Jesus is Lord they must be alright. After a turbulent few years I ended up St Helen’s Bishopsgate where I heard the gospel again and learnt how to read and study the bible, and how to teach the bible in small groups.

For nearly 25 years I have led (often with my husband) numerous small bible study groups in various situations: from seeker groups to groups for training other leaders, and been involved with ministry with children, teenagers, students, and adults of all ages. Our ministry has taken us from London, to Nottingham, Leyland and now Lancaster.

I have been involved with North West Gospel Partership for many years and continue to teach women on the North West Ministry Training Course in Leyland. Under the auspices of the North West Partnership I run, with my husband, the ‘Unleashed’ training course in churches across our region providing encouragement and training for home group leaders.  I have been involved in small group bible study training for UCCF staff at national and regional level and currently actively support our own churches student ministry. 

I also chair the Northern Women’s Convention which seeks to encourage women to live for Christ by providing an annual conference of bible teaching 'by women for women’ and Equipped! that runs regular conferences aimed at supporting women committed to a complementarian model of word ministry. I frequently have the privilege of speaking evangelistically to women’s groups across the North West.

Working as a social worker in the health care sector until my first child I took an English degree when my four children were young, studied for an MA in ‘Reading in Practice’ at Liverpool University and now work part-time in a voluntary capacity as a ‘Get into Reading’ facilitator linked with The Reader Organisation encouraging children to 'enjoy’ reading.

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